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Matt is the skill. Jenn is the thrill.

Behind that clever rhyme is the secret of our success.

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Ryno Builds is Matt and Jenn Petersen:
A family-owned construction company

Ryno builds is us, Matt and Jenn, a married couple and a full-service, family owned construction company that specializes in renovations, remodels, concrete and additions. We are here to help your family build and maintain the home of your dreams, one room at a time.

Matthew Petersen
General Contractor

As the skill, Matt makes it happen. He’s the builder, a general contractor with more than 15 years of experience in every facet of home construction. He oversees every phase of your work. He’s ever-present and communicating with you throughout the process.

Jennifer Petersen

As the thrill, Jenn is the designer behind the scenes and a customer contact. She has years of art direction and design experience. Her sense of color, layout, design and detail is unmatched. She works with Matt to make sure that you have a visual consultant on your team as well.

But Matt’s not just the skill. And Jenn’s not just the thrill.

Behind the scenes, we’re making sure you’re getting the best prices on your materials. Or suggesting ways to cut costs or save space without cutting corners. Or handling all the paperwork so that your room addition meets local codes. We’re so on your team, you may wonder who we’re really looking out for. In fact, it’s you.