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Make your front yard visually appealing to visitors or enjoy evenings outdoors entertaining guests.

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Give your front yard some real curb appeal

Pathways and driveways leading up to the home are contributing features to a home’s curb appeal. Why settle for neglected pathways, hazardous walkways, and impractical driveways until it’s time to sell. Plus, don’t you want visitors to feel visually invited before even entering your home? If your front yard is just blah, here are some ideas to go from sad to stunning:

  • Provide a clear path with some concrete steps through lush landscaping
  • Add some variety with stamped concrete pads and grass growing between them
  • Put down a driveway of pavers that is so beautiful, you'll inspire neighbors to update their curb appeal as well

Turn your backyard into a private oasis

Your backyard is really just an extension of your home. Creating a private retreat can be as easy as adding a custom fireplace or fire pit to your patio or as complex as designing an outdoor kitchen where friends and family can gather. Whether your dream backyard is designed for entertaining a crowd or just relaxing with a good book, Ryno Builds will pull out all the stops to take your backyard from plain to breathtaking. The outdoor living possibilities are endless:

  • An outdoor fireplace gives your yard the homey feel of an inside cozy den
  • Hide changes in grade with a retaining wall that is home to insect-repellent plants like lavender and marigolds

Why Choose Ryno Builds?

Being a husband and wife duo who love to barbecue and host others, we share your enthusiasm for the outdoor spaces of the home. We understand every element that goes into your hardscape. And aside from overall look and layout, we are here to help you make smart decisions. We work with these materials every day and can insure that you outdoor living space looks incredible 10 years from now.

Popular Questions

Hardscaping costs can vary widely, depending on the type of elements you wish to add to your landscape. A pergola can cost between $3,000 and $5,000, depending on the size and materials, while a 50 ft. long retaining wall, 8 feet in height can be built for around $13,700.

The actual design/build process doesn’t take long. Some varying factors, such as size of the project, grade changes, time of year, etc. will have an effect on the overall timeline. However, if planned out far enough in advance and we are given the right information upfront, we can generally have the whole project finished in about 6 weeks.